Thursday, September 24, 2009

Well, I've lost a pound and so of course I had to follow up that victory with 2 days of eating crappy food. Why do I sabotage myself like that? I'm good for 3 days and then I blow it. Well, that's ridiculous because I never used to be that way.

So I've decided that I need an alter-ego to help me on my way. Introducing Tight Ass! Tight Ass is one and has one, she doesn't blow the eating program every 3 days, she doesn't knock things over with her ass when she turns around in a small place and she rocks. Tomorrow she's moving in with me and when I falter she will save the day.

On another note I got my test results back from my annual exam and all was good! My cholesterol is 180, my HDL is 50, my LDL is 108 ( a little high but not bad), my triglycerides are normal. But guess what? I'm smack dab in the middle of perimenopause! First, I already knew that because I started skipping my period when I was 39 and hot flashes have begun. But anyway, what a crock! 46 and now I'm OLD! That sucks!

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