Monday, September 28, 2009

Okay, I'll be honest, I'm up .4. This morning I weighed in at 201! I knew that chicken tortilla soup would be bad news!

I'm not going to stress about it though. I walked for a mile yesterday and am getting ready to do it again tonight. In addition I walked for 15 minutes at work today.

I had a 4 point breakfast sandwich, some tomatoes and soup for lunch. Then I made spaghetti of which I had about 1/2 cup with the tomato bruschetta I made. The only problem is I also had 2 pieces of bruschetta and some crackers with the tomato as a dip. Then 2 reese's minis.

Crap! Why can't I do this? Why do I constantly blow it? Oh forget the not stressing! I can't help it, I'm tired of being FAT!

Okay, deep breath and now I'm putting on my shoes to go walking.

As Scarlett would say, "I'll think about it tomorrow".

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